Hopefully, there are people who see great things in you.

They have identified your potential and encourage you to be your best.

They cheer you on when times are tough and celebrate with you when times are good.

Then again, there may be people who doubt your capabilities.

They are constant critics and their negative words ring in your ears.

They can’t wait for you to fail and watch your every move with suspicion and look for you to make your next mistake.

Some will look at you and predict greatness, some will predict failure, but in the end, however gratifying or disappointing their opinions are, they are only words.

You have the opportunity to either prove them right or prove them wrong.

Others may predict, you determine.

Having more cheerleaders in your life won’t necessarily motivate you to go to the next level.

And silencing the negative words of your doubters won’t suddenly enable you to become more awesome.

You set the goals (or don’t).

You aspire to excellence (or don’t).

You take action (or don’t).

You persist in the face of setbacks (or don’t).

You live a life of purpose (or don’t).

By all means, be encouraged by your supporters and drown out the sound of your critics, but remember that they are not the ones who will determine your level of success in life.

That’s your responsibility!

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