Hayden and his new friend Eddie

Hayden and his new friend Eddie

Eddie the echidna was upset and marched up to his mother.

“I never want to eat ants again!” he loudly proclaimed.  “All we eat are ants and I’m sick of them.”

“But, you’re an echidna, you’re supposed to eat ants,” his mother said.

“Not any more, I’m going to become a meat eater from now on,” said Eddie defiantly as he walked off.

After walking for a while, Eddie spied a mob of kangaroos and started to stalk them.  He saw one of the large marsupials away from the rest of the group and honed in on it.

When he got close enough, he pounced and landed on the tail of a massive male kangaroo.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked the kangaroo.

“I’m eating you,” said Eddie.

“Stop it, that’s annoying,” said the kangaroo as the echidna’s long tongue tickled his tail.

“Sorry, I guess I’m not good at eating meat.  What do you eat?”

“Grass, you should try it,” said the kangaroo before bouncing away with the rest of his mob.

Eddie watched the kangaroos as they went away.  He looked at the grass and thought that it looked more appetising, so he gave it a try.  The only problem was that his small mouth wasn’t big enough, he had no teeth for chewing and his long, sticky tongue was useless for eating grass.

After failing at eating meat and grass, Eddie was getting hungry, so he turned around and walked back home.

His mum saw him coming and greeted him with a smile.

“How did you go, dear?”

“Good and bad.” replied Eddie.  “Bad because I guess I’m stuck with eating ants, and good because it’s what I was made for.”

“And now that you realise that, you’ll never go hungry again.”

I wrote this story as a reminder that we are all good at something and were placed here for a specific purpose.

It’s easy to underestimate our own capabilities and look longingly at the skills and purpose of others.

But you were made for something.

Something remarkable.

Something extraordinary.

Find out what that is and get to work.

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