There’s a constant tension in life.

We want to have fun and have a good time.

But we are also aware that we have to work hard to make a living and pay the bills.

We need bliss and we need blisters.

There are those who take the fun part too far.

They think that they can live the high life and have everything that they want right now without working for it.  They sacrifice their future for the present, by making decisions based on what feels best in the moment, rather than what’s best in the long-term.

And so we have credit card bills that we can’t afford, bulging waist-lines and a long list of short-term frivolous relationships.

Then there are those who focus on the work part too much.

Work has become a necessary chore and they put all of their energy into it.

Their relationships, kids and health suffers as a consequence.

They’re too stressed, they don’t know how to relax or experience joy and their sense of self-worth is wrapped up in what they do.

We need the bliss and the blisters.

We need the moments of joy and the meaningful work.

We need to take the time to re-energise and an opportunity to effectively utilise that energy.

We need balance.

Do you have the combination right?

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