In every expensive jacket, there’s a lining that no one sees.

On the bottom of every $1000 pair of shoes is a sole that will never get noticed.

But these hidden aspects matter.

They matter because they turn the beautiful into something functional.

The glamorous becomes useful.

The eye-catching becomes long-lasting.

It’s easy to get fixated on surface matters, but it’s important to get the hidden stuff right first.

So, whatever your vocation is, stop fussing over what people see and make sure that what people don’t see is in order.

Are you honest in your dealings with others?

Are you investing in long-term relationships?

Are you cultivating an attitude of gratitude?

Are you looking after your body?

Are you reading and learning on a daily basis?

Are you making time for spiritual growth?

Are you acting generously towards others in subtle ways and with no anticipation of other reciprocating?

I understand that it’s important that we produce work that’s compelling, impressive and attractive to others, but if you neglect to do the hidden stuff that matters, all you have is a shoe without a sole, and we all know how useful they are.

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