A Thanksgiving survivor

A Thanksgiving survivor (Photo via Wikipedia)

When the farmer comes to choose the turkeys at Thanksgiving he looks across the barn and finds the most suitable for the dinner table.

The ones that sit there all day and don’t move very much, making their meat nice and tender.

The ones who spend more time at the trough, gorging themselves and getting fatter.

Perhaps even the grumpy ones who aren’t nice to the other turkeys, making them expendable.

The farmer chooses turkeys that have, without knowing it, prepared themselves to be eaten.

Similarly, when it’s time for a company to shed staff, someone will look across the office or factory and find the most suitable candidates.

The people who have stopped learning and aren’t up to date with the latest industry trends.

The people who take more than they give, or make a minimal contribution at best.

The people who are difficult to work with and don’t get along well with others.

They often choose the people who have, without knowing it, prepared themselves to be made redundant.

There’s one other similarity.

Turkeys and people always seem surprised when they’re chosen and when the ax swings.

They shouldn’t.

In many cases, their selection could have been predicted.

Of course, I’m generalising.

Just as some farms use all of the turkeys they have or perhaps have a more random way of choosing the poor birds to be eaten, some companies have to let everyone go or are less predictable in their redundancy selection process.

But if I was a turkey, I wouldn’t take the risk.

Neither should you.

To all of my American friends, I hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that everyone manages to find a way to make such a magnificent contribution where they are that they become virtually irreplaceable.

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