Since the middle of the year, our 6 year-olds, Logan and Madison, have been going to gymnastics.   They absolutely love it and can’t wait for their weekly lessons.

Last week, they were being assessed on their progress on certain apparatus and with certain exercises.

One of the challenges was to see how many sit ups they could do.  I asked their coach what the expectation was and she replied that anything between 2 and 40 would be fine.

With that in mind, I sat down with Logan and he began his sit ups.

He started out OK and when he got to 15-18 started to struggle a bit, so I thought that he was about to finish.

He kept going and soon got to 50, then 80 and then 100, before finally stopping at 113 sit ups!

When he finished, Logan jumped to his feet, and his coach and the other mums clapped his effort.

Our Logi Bear is normally very shy and reserved, but he was beaming from his achievement and skipped with delight through the rest of the lesson.

I quickly texted Karen to tell her about his amazing performance and as I did so, I wondered how our 6 year-old boy could do 113 sit ups and what we could learn from it.

He built up to it – Whilst he doesn’t have a training regime (he is only 6 after all), Logan does keep himself active and he has built up his core strength through his gymnastics training.

Do you want to achieve something remarkable?  You don’t just get there on a whim, you have to build up to it.

You can’t run a marathon without training first and your business idea won’t make millions on your first day, so get started now.

He kept going – There are two keys to this point:

  • He felt tired, but pressed on.
  • Everyone else had stopped well before, with Madison the second best in the class with 24, but he was able to go it alone.

If you want to do something remarkable with your life, you will be required to keep going when you feel like giving up and you will need to push harder than all but the very few.

It will be uncomfortable at times, there will be people who say that it’s OK to stop and you will have plenty of opportunities to make excuses for stopping short of extraordinary performance.

But don’t give up.  Keep going!

He had people cheering him on – I love encouraging my kids in whatever they do and was there to do it again with Logan, but on this occasion as he kept on going, he had the rapt attention of all of the other adults in the centre.  They too were encouraging him and I could see that it made a difference.

Do you have people cheering you on?

Do you have encouragers in your life?

Do you have people who believe in you and your capabilities?

If not, I recommend that you get some.  They can make a massive difference to your efforts, especially when he going gets tough.

I was really proud of Logan’s achievement and hope that it is the first of many times that he is able to build up to a goal and keep going during the tough times.

And I’ll be there when he does.

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