Gary Keller, co-founder of the largest real estate company in the USA, says,

“If you want to be average, do all 20 things. If you want to be extraordinary, do one thing well.”

What’s your one thing?

What should you be focusing on right now?

What should you be learning more about?

What have you been placed on this earth to do?

What will you become world-class in?

And who do you need to surround yourself with to do all of the other stuff that would otherwise distract you?

Stop buying into the myth of multi-tasking.

The world is changed by people who are able to focus their attention and energy on one thing.

So let me encourage you to find your one thing.

Find new ways of doing it.

Do it more often.

Focus on it and keep learning about it.

And in doing so, you’ll stop being average and start living a truly extraordinary life!

p.s. If you don’t know what your one thing is yet, then your one thing is to find your one thing.

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