Focus- Chris Anstey Australian Boomers

Chris Anstey in his playing days for the Boomers (Photo credit: rosswebsdale)

Former NBA player and current Melbourne Tigers coach, Chris Anstey recently wrote about the day that he played against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

In the introduction to the story he said,

“I’m sick of hearing about teams playing for draft picks, playing for next year, or assuming they will be poor. How about going in to fight with the team you are a part of right here and right now?”

Anstey’s Dallas Mavericks weren’t given much of a chance to win, and they fell behind early, but they scrapped, stayed in the game and found a way to win in overtime, with Anstey playing an important role in the second half and OT.

Whilst the odds were long, his team thought they could win, they played to win and they overcame the odds to get over the line.

By contrast, some people are defeated before they even start.  They say things like:

“I won’t get the job, so I won’t apply.”

“I could never live my dreams, so I’ll play it safe.”

“I can’t win/reach that KPI/make a difference, so I’ll put in a half-hearted effort.”

That’s loser talk!

Always believe in your capabilities, work hard and play to win!

You might be 1 one in 10 chance, 1 in 100 or even 1 in a million, but Chris is the kind of tenacious competitor who reminds us that if you play to win, you give yourself a chance.

Of course, you won’t be successful every time, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

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