Lou Reed

Lou Reed (Photo credit: Man Alive!)

With the recent death of legendary guitarist, Lou Reed, this Brian Eno quote about Velvet Underground’s first album only selling 30,000 copies has been doing the rounds,

“Everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band.”

It’s a great tribute to a great artist and a terrific reminder to focus not on commercial success, but on inspiring others.

I know for my business, sometimes it can be easy to focus on each client as just another customer who is paying for our resume writing services.

But I do my best work, when I see each interaction as an opportunity to inspire people to find their ideal job.

Just as the purpose of this blog isn’t to gain massive attention, but to motivate and equip my readers to live their best life.

I’m not suggesting that I always get this right, but when I do, it feels so much better.

So perhaps instead of focusing on increasing your profile or trying to make more money, create a body of work that inspires and impacts the people around you.

And in doing so, I suspect that the other stuff will come.

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