Do you go to work:

  • because you have to earn a living?
  • so that you don’t get fired?
  • because you don’t know any different?
  • just to get away from the kids?
  • to pay off your massive debts?
  • out of a sense of duty?
  • because you’re counting down the days to retirement?

Or do you go to work:

  • to make a difference.
  • so that you can fully utilise your skills.
  • because you’re passionate about what you do.
  • because you have challenging problems to solve.
  • with a skip in your step.
  • because you have a purpose.
  • to create a winning team.
  • so that you can get closer to your dreams.

The average person will spend 100,000 hours at work.

If you can find the right answer to the title of this post, that massive chunk of time will be maximised.

But if you just go through the motions and try to get by, you’re wasting the terrific opportunity to do something truly remarkable with your life.

Why do you go to work?

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