Just as a boat leaves a wake behind it, we all leave a trail.

As you look back over your life, what do you see?

Is there a trail of risks taken or regrets for opportunities missed?

Is there a trail of people who have benefited from your skills or did no-one notice you passing by?

Is there a trail of learning and growing or are you just repeating the same mistakes?

Is there a trail of positive deposits left in people’s lives or of negative withdrawals?

Is there a trail of building a legacy or of  creating chaos and carnage?

Is there a trail of taking control of life or of living like a victim?

Is there a trail of innovative problem solving or a maintenance of the status quo?

Is there a trail of success or unfulfilled goals?

The good news is that if you look back with regret, it’s never too late to make the necessary changes to change your trail.

Which leads me to my last question for today.

In five years time when you look back, what will the trail look like?

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