It’s always flattering when someone retweets one of my posts.

And I’m certainly one of those people who happily shares someone else’s great quotes or posts.

But here’s my challenge to you.  Become a creator of content not just a retweeter of it.

We live in a time that has made it easier than ever to create ideas and share them with the world.

And I suspect that you have ideas that are worthy of an audience.

There are people who need your help and if you are willing to spend the time, build your expertise and be generous with your thoughts, you can make a difference.

You can use your skills to bring attention to a meaningful cause that’s close to your heart, teach people how to do what you do or just find a creative way to inspire and motivate others.

So, what are you going to do?

You can just retweet or share someone else’s ideas, or you can do the work and create it yourself.

You can agree with others and become a fan of their work, or you can be the person who takes the risk to become exposed to criticism and scrutiny.

Just remember that the world doesn’t belong to the sharers, it belongs to the creators.

Feel free to retweet, like or share any post that you like here (yes, I can see the irony in this statement).

But I would be even happier if you were inspired to start sharing your own ideas with the world.

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