When you get to the end of your rope… hang on.

When you’re completely exhausted and can’t go one step further… find a way to lift one leg after another and keep going.

When you feel like giving up… don’t.

When you’ve run out of possible solutions to your problems… there are still options.

When you’re terrified about what the future holds… imagine the best that could happen and move towards that.

When you feel as though you can’t handle another problem, issue or drama… you probably can.

When the Siren song of mediocrity tries to lure you to a life of comfort and safety… block your ears and keep marching to the beat of greatness.

When defeat stares you in the face… stare back until it loses eye contact.

When life seems bleak and grey… grab a paint brush and start adding some colour.

When you feel trapped by your circumstances… remember that your perspective can’t be restricted without your permission.

When it gets too hard to pay the price for living a remarkable life… remember that the price for living a mediocre one is greater.

No matter what your situation is, there is always a choice that can be made, a perspective that can be changed and an action that be taken.

So hang on, keep going, push through.

Because on the other side, remarkable things happen.

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