There are two sides of risks.  Before and after.

On the before side, there is:

  • fear
  • trepidation
  • hesitation
  • anxiety
  • doubt
  • sweaty palms
  • excuses
  • research and analysis, followed by more research and analysis, then more research and analysis (aka delaying tactics)
  • the status quo
  • temporary comfort
  • a dead-end job

On the after side of risks, there is:

  • glory
  • victory
  • elation
  • the exhilaration of truly living
  • satisfaction
  • faith in the miraculous
  • confidence
  • resilience
  • learning
  • courage to do it again
  • the opportunity to live your purpose

We all have two choices.

We can live on the before side of risks

Where we never take advantage of the opportunities to do something significant, meaningful or challenging.

Where we make excuses and concoct seemingly reasonable explanations for living an ordinary life.

Where we paddle in the shallow water with every other person who is bound by fear.

Or we can choose to push through the risk and see life on the after side.

The side where we can utilise our talents, make a difference and reflect on a life well lived.

The side where every now and then we wonder what all of the fuss was about and when we realise that most of the dramatic consequences of taking risks were just figments of our imagination.

The side where we understand that we don’t get the courage we need before taking risks, we get it after we took the risk, building our faith and preparing us for the next one.

Which side are you on?

Which side should you be on?

What risks do you need to take this week to be successful?

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