When you look at people, do you see:

  • Their ugliness, or their beauty?
  • How they’re different to you, or how they’re similar?
  • How they’ve hurt you in the past, or the potential for meaningful friendship?
  • Their wasted talent, or their untapped potential?
  • What they can do for you, or how you can bless them?
  • A reason to exclude them, or to include them?
  • Someone to be mocked, or encouraged?
  • A person to be labelled, or a person to be valued?
  • What the enemy sees (a soul to be destroyed), or what God sees (someone worthy of love, someone worth dying for)?

In most people, there will be elements of both.

What you notice and respond to will be what you’re more likely to bring out.

What you bring out is what you’re more likely to see again in the future.

And what you notice in others is also what you’re more likely to bring out in yourself as well.

Remember, what you focus on is what you get.  So notice more of the good in others and I suspect that you’ll get more value from your relationships.

You’ll also probably be kinder to yourself in the process.

So today, when you look at people be conscious of what you see.

Look for the good, the potential for greatness and the opportunity to speak words of encouragement.

And feel free to do the same for yourself as well.

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