Imagine two bakeries.

One has staff that just go through the motions, whilst the other employs staff who are fun, energetic and engaging.

Which one is going to be more successful?

Or perhaps two classrooms.

One has a teacher who can’t wait for the bell to ring to end the day, whilst the other teacher loves educating her students and matching the curriculum to meet their individual needs.

Which one has the better students?

Or two gardeners.

One is pulling out overgrown weeds, whilst the other one is working on a masterpiece to be proudly displayed to every passer-by.

Which one is more beautiful?

Or imagine two churches.

In one, people turn up every week out of a sense of duty, they are late and listless, whilst in the other one, people can’t wait to get there, they are excited about what God is doing and are actively utilising their unique gifts to make a positive contribution.

Which one is growing?

In each of these examples, the participants are doing the same thing, but with difference levels of passion.

You have a choice.

You can go through the motions or you can bring energy and enthusiasm to your activities.

You can look for opportunities to do the bare minimum or to add maximum value.

You know which one will be more effective.

That’s the difference that passion makes.

So get your heart pumping, get a spring in your step and start changing the world!

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