It seems that every person who loads a video on YouTube is aiming for the next Gangnam Style success story with its billions of views and worldwide notoriety.

And most politicians seem to aim for the right message that resonates with voters, even if it’s at the expense of integrity or genuine nation-building policy.

And there are the multitudes of writers churning out semi-erotic vampire stories in the hope that they will break through the masses of similar writers in the same genre.

And of course, every business is looking for the next Apple or Facebook equivalent.

But there’s a problem.

When people aim for the masses, they generally deliver mass-produced products that we’ve seen somewhere before.

When they aim for the attention of the average person, they produce average results.

When their sole aim is fame or riches or a short cut to success, they generally end up with frustration.

So don’t aim for the masses, aim for excellence.

Be your best and keep getting better.

Aim to be world class, elite, remarkable.

Do the work that no-one sees, behind the scenes, in relative anonymity.

And who knows?

Perhaps the masses will notice your brilliance and you’ll join the ranks of those you admire.

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