In Measure for Measure, Shakespeare writes,

Our doubts are traitors,

And make us lose the good we oft might win,

By fearing to attempt.

He’s right.

When you doubt your abilities, you are less likely to take the action necessary to be successful.

When you listen to that small, annoying voice that says, “You can’t do that,” “You don’t deserve success,” or “You’re just going to fail, so don’t bother trying,” you give your doubts more power than they deserve.

Because your doubts are traitors.

Lying, thieving, soul destroying traitors.

They want you to fail and will do all that they can to keep you risk averse and in a state of semi-comfort.

They deceive you into thinking that average is acceptable at the expense of aspiring for greatness.

But they’re wrong.

You can do it.

You have the capability to make a difference.

You do deserve success if you’re willing to work for it.

So silence your doubts, ignore their lies and live with the unswerving belief that life rewards action and you can push through any obstacle that life places in your way.

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