After the captain of the Gold Coast Suns, Gary Ablett, won his second Brownlow medal as the best and fairest player in the AFL, his coach, Guy McKenna made the comment, “To be a champion you’ve got to mimic one and I think they’ve got one amongst them.”

The Suns are a very young team and their coach understands that by having one of the all-time greats training and playing with this squad has massive benefits.  Talent doesn’t rub off, but work ethic and attitude does, and this is why Ablett adds value far beyond his extraordinary performances on the field.

I know that it’s important to pave your own way, but one of the keys to success is to find a role model to follow.

I know that for me personally, I’ve learned a lot about public speaking from watching and listening to some of the best.  I’m been able to glean a few ideas from them about stage presence, story telling and speaking without notes that have added significant value to my speaking.

In any aspect of life, whether it’s business, leadership, spirituality, sales, physical fitness or the arts, having a positive role model can be a massive benefit.

You can learn from champions in your field by observing them, asking them questions or even reading their autobiography.  It’s also important to note that the closer you get to your role-models, the more you will gain from them.

So, whatever you want to do in life, find a champion to mimic.

Study them closely, learn their habits and mindsets, and find a way to add their traits to your armoury of skills.

And while you’re at it, become a champion that other people will want to mimic.

Who are some of your most influential role models?

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