Think for a moment about all of those people who:

  • doubt your abilities
  • said that you wouldn’t amount to anything
  • think that you can’t achieve remarkable deeds
  • rejected you
  • openly and privately criticised you
  • think that you’re a little bit crazy for pursuing your dreams
  • believe that you don’t have the necessary drive, personality or talent to make a positive contribution.

Are you proving them right or wrong?

And there are those who:

  • always believed in you
  • encourage, support and endorse you
  • pray for you
  • know your capabilities
  • gave you a chance to utilise your skills
  • want the best for you.

Are you proving them right or wrong?

I’ve seen too many people who have turned the negative words that have been spoken about them into prophecies, when it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve also seen a lot of people who had plenty of support and encouragement, but still underachieved.

I’m not suggesting that you spend your days fixated on what people think about you and work hard just to spite those who don’t believe in you, but if you can answer these questions correctly, you will go a long way towards being successful.

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