I found out a few months ago that one of my favourite authors on the subject of leadership (I won’t mention names) has been using a ghost writer for years.

This guy is a prolific and well-respected expert, but for a moment, I was taken aback.

I couldn’t believe that he doesn’t write his own books, but still takes the bulk of the credit for the work.

After my self-righteous indignation wore off, I realised the importance of the ghost writer.

The guy with his name on the front of the book has a message and some important concepts to communicate.  He needs the ghost writer to help him craft his message to the world.

I know it seems obvious, but this is an important concept and one worth considering, because I suspect that we could do with more people who assist others in sharing their message with the world.

We need more people who don’t have the ego or reputation to have their name on the book jacket, but the talent to help those who do.

Sometimes, I need a ghost writer.  Not literally, but figuratively, I need people around me who help me to communicate my message of optimism, persistence and encouragement.

And sometimes, I need to be the ghost writer, assisting others with their message and branding.

Do you have a supportive group of people who assist you?

And are you supporting others to reach their goals as well?

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