Our local chicken shop only takes cash.

To make up for the lack of convenience to customers, they have an ATM in the corner.

Except that there’s one problem.

It’s always out-of-order.

The machine that’s there to dispense cash, never does.

It has the potential to, but it just sits there, collecting dust and taking up space.

I’ve met a lot of people like that machine.

They have unique, necessary talents that go to waste.

They have the ability to do remarkable things with their lives, but choose not to.

They allow the pain and failure of the past to hold them back from a remarkable future.

They know what their talents are, but don’t use them.

Or alternatively, they don’t know what they’re good at and do nothing to find out.

Let me encourage you today.

You have the talent to do something remarkable with your life.

You are a 10 out of 10 at something.

So don’t be like our local chicken shop ATM.

Don’t waste your talent.

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