When someone uses our resume writing services, we like to add to their experience by offering job-hunting tips and giving additional information that we hope will assist our clients in their search for a great job.

After I help someone with their career aspirations, I occasionally like to imagine that they leave our office and go on to have a flourishing, highly successful career.

But I know that some won’t apply their new knowledge and some won’t apply for as many jobs as they could to find the role that they are aspiring towards.

Some will benefit from the extra information and some will forget it the moment they leave.

I guess I’ll never know.

I’m not responsible for what people do with their resume or information, I’m responsible for doing all that I can to equip them.

It can be tempting sometimes to limit what we do and the value that we offer because we can’t guarantee the outcome.

So we don’t give money to people in need because they may squander it.

We don’t give people a hand because they may take advantage of our kindness.

We don’t pass on our knowledge in case it’s not utilised the way we would use it.

We don’t go the extra mile because the last time we did no-one noticed or said “thanks”.

But you never know the impact of a good deed.

It may change someone’s life forever, or it may make no difference at all.

All that you’re responsible for is what you do.

So don’t over think it and act with kindness and generosity.

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