If I played basketball against my 5 year-old son, Logan, of course I would win comfortably.

But is that really winning?

If I challenged my 8 year-old, Hayden, it would be slightly more competitive, but the result would be the same.

Have I really won?

If I played against other middle-aged men, it would be a greater challenge.  I would be playing against my peers and if I won, it would be an achievement.

If I played against younger, fitter athletes, I would be up against it.  I would probably lose at first and would have to increase my fitness levels, practice harder and improve significantly to give myself a chance.

If I was to play against LeBron James, it would be ugly.  Playing against the best player in the world at the height of his powers would be an embarrassing mismatch and I could never hope to defeat him in such a game.

Whatever you do, make sure that you know your level and challenge yourself in a way that:

  • Doesn’t guarantee victory without even trying.
  • Doesn’t guarantee defeat no matter how hard you strive.
  • Enables you to focus, hone your craft and continue to improve.

I’m not talking about comparing yourself to others all the time and trying to make yourself look better than those around you.

I’m talking about setting challenges for yourself that help you to maximise your potential.

So today’s message is simple.

Keep setting the bar higher, keep challenging yourself and keep looking for opportunities to grow.

How have you challenged yourself this week?

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