Every Saturday morning, rain, hail or shine, we take the kids to swimming lessons at the local indoor YMCA centre.

They run a great program, the kids love it and they are slowly developing their swimming skills.  In fact, Hayden is probably already better than me and won’t be long before the twins catch up.

I’ve noticed that there are two very different groups of people who work in the centre, the lifeguards and the salespeople.

The lifeguards wear bright yellow shirts and are constantly on the lookout.

They look for problems.

They are worried-looking individuals who patrol the edges of the pools and make sure that no-one is doing anything too risky or silly.

They are looking for threats and signs of danger and want to make sure that nothing bad happens.

The salespeople wear white shirts and are also on the lookout.

They look for opportunities.

They are friendly looking individuals who stand behind a counter and take advantage of every opportunity to assist people and answer their questions.

They are looking for people who look lost and in need of help and want to make sure that the membership base of the centre continues to grow.

We have a bit of the lifeguard and the salesperson in each of us and to an extent, both are necessary.

We need to be aware of risks and dangers and we need to be aware of opportunities.

But do you have the ratio right?

Do you listen more to the lifeguard or the salesperson?

Do you spend more time worrying about the future or trying to create a better one?

Do you spend more time feeling threatened by others or looking for opportunities to help them?

Do you walk around looking concerned or are you smiling?

Don’t be too cautious, don’t spend your time fretting, but make sure that you approach life with a generous, optimistic perspective.

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