I remember as a child finding it very difficult to walk past a wet slab of cement without grabbing a stick and writing my initials in the pavement.

Hopefully, there’s a statute of limitations on such acts of vandalism, because the streets of Adelaide had “DP” written in quite a few places.

Every time I walked past, I would look at the mark that I had made with pride, knowing that they were there permanently.

Now that I’m older, wiser and a parent, I couldn’t imagine doing something like that, but now I’m aware that there are other ways to leave an indelible mark on the world around me.

I can aim to do work that has a lasting impact.

I can inspire people to do remarkable deeds.

I can raise my kids with eternal values.

I can write words that are here well after I’m gone.

I may not reach for a stick any more, but when I look carefully, I can see opportunities to make a mark.

Can you see the wet cement that surrounds you?

Are you aiming to make an eternal difference with your life?

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