Some people think that they’re unable to become a person of influence.

Many assume that they’re unable to get up earlier in the morning to launch themselves into the day with vitality.

Some people say openly that they’re unable to start their own business or find work that they can get excited about.

Many make the excuse that they’re unable to get themselves into shape physically.

Some people think that they are unable to be successful in anything of importance.

Many say that they are unable to learn new skills or become elite in their field.

Some people say that they’re unable to be optimistic about the future.

Many say that they are unable to organise their time to do what matters.

I know that I’ve been one of those people on occasions, until I realised that I wasn’t unable, but unwilling.

I could do the things that I wanted to do, but for a long time I was unwilling to be disciplined, hard-working, persistent and focused enough to make it.

The next time you say that you are unable to do something, ask yourself this question.

Are you unable or unwilling?

Because if it becomes a matter of will, you can do anything.

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