No-one can force you:

  • To love or to hate.
  • To believe or disbelieve.
  • To live with hope or despair.
  • To see the world in colour or black and white.
  • To keep learning or to stagnate.
  • To focus on the positive or negative aspects of life.
  • To forgive or hold grudges.
  • To accept others or disapprove of them.
  • To be passionate or go through the motions.
  • To have a mindset of abundance or of scarcity.
  • To live a life of purpose or just meander from day to day.

Others can influence and assist you in the above, but no-one can force you.

You get to choose all by yourself.

Just remember that every choice has consequences, which of course means that wherever you are in life is a direct consequence of the choices that you’ve made in the past.

This also means that you can’t blame anyone for the choices that you’ve made or the situation that you’re in.

So choose wisely.

Although, I can’t force you not to!

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