We need to be passionate about what we do if we want to be successful.  Our passion keeps us working hard when everyone else has stopped, encourages us to learn more about our craft and enables us to provide leadership to the people around us.

However, it can be difficult to maintain our passion at times.

After months or perhaps years of doing the same thing, our fervour and enthusiasm can wane, and that’s perfectly normal.

So, when this inevitably happens, how do we get our passion back?

Here are three tips:

Remember why you started – In our resume writing business, every now and then we come across a client who reminds us of why we started.  It may be someone who is new to the country and is finding it difficult to find a role that matches their skills and experience, or perhaps a low in confidence mum looking to return to work.  It could be a talented school-leaver who just needs someone to give them a chance, or maybe someone who has been unemployed for a while and is struggling for a breakthrough.

We try to be passionate about all of our clients, but people in these situations really get our heart racing.  They take us back to our calling and no matter how tired or jaded I’m feeling beforehand, my enthusiasm is renewed when I have the chance to help them.

By remembering what got you started, you can rekindle your enthusiasm and renew your passion.

Hang out with passionate people – I am fortunate to have a few people in my life who are genuine fire-lighters.  If I am feeling less than 100% before I catch up with them, afterwards I am burning with passion, encouraged and ready to run through walls again.

By having passionate people in your life, you dramatically decrease your chances of having your energy levels drop for too long, so when you feel as though your need to renew your passion, give someone a call who can get you up and about again.

Take action – I love the old story of a man who saw a therapist and said that he no longer felt in love with his wife.

The therapist suggested that he do something in love for her every day for the next week.

After a week, the husband returned and exclaimed that after doing nice things for her all week, he suddenly had fallen in love with her again.

I’m a strong believer that our feelings follow our actions.

If you don’t feel like exercising, go for a run anyway and you’ll feel better afterwards.

If you don’t feel like bringing your best work, do your best anyway and notice the benefits.

If you don’t feel like reading, pick up a book, continue your learning journey and find your heart re-kindled.

Whilst most of us understand the benefits of operating with passion, there will be times when our zeal wanes.

To renew your passion, remember why you started, hang out with passionate people and take action.

What do you do to renew your passion?

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