When everything’s going well and you’re tempted to get ahead of yourself…  Stay focused!

When you’re struggling to achieve your goals… Stay focused!

When you feel invincible and unbreakable… Stay focused!

When you feel discouraged and disconsolate… Stay focused!

When you wonder why you bother trying when no-one else around you is… Stay focused!

When you have a wide array of options available to you… Stay focused!

When you feel like having a day off… Stay focused!

When you hear conflicting voices telling what you should be doing next… Stay focused!

When you’re tempted to settle for second best from yourself… Stay focused!

When you’re all alone and feel as though no-one else is supporting your efforts… Stay focused!

When you feel as though you’ve stalled for a while and don’t know when the breakthrough is going to come… Stay focused!

It’s easy to get distracted.

It’s easy to lose momentum.

It’s easy to let time slip through your fingers.

So write down your goals, re-visit them daily and stay focused!

Because the spoils of war don’t go to those who have the best ideas or the most talent, but to those who are focused enough to persist through their challenges and execute their plan.

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