This week is International Refugee Week.  This is my response.

You look different to me.

You sound different to me.

You have different customs.

Your response to the existence of God is different to mine.

You have different ideas about family and work.

Some of our differences are so extreme that I suspect we will never agree.

And that’s OK.

Your origins are somewhere else.

Somewhere far away.

I don’t understand the situation that you came from and perhaps I never will.

But this I know.

I don’t fear you and I hope that you have no reason to fear me.

I love and value you.

You’re my brother and my sister.

Some people recommend that we don’t focus on our differences, but our similarities.

I can understand why, but I don’t agree.

We are different.

And that’s magnificent!

I’m glad that we’re different.

I’m glad that God’s palette is broad.

If we were all the same it would be incredibly boring and far too comfortable.

You’re welcome here.

You have a contribution to make here.

I love having you here.

Because it wouldn’t be the same without my brother and sister.

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