Sometimes it feels as though we are living in an old mansion.

You know the type, those ancient, dusty, Gothic buildings with large oak doors and cracked antiques on the mantelpiece.

We like the old mansion, but are a little bit afraid of it.

There are undiscovered sections of the house and doors that we are forbidden to enter.

We don’t quite know why we shouldn’t go through these doors, but everyone else seems to think that it’s a bad idea to try, so we don’t.

We just exist in this old dusty mansion.

We’re a bit scared of the house, but even more scared of what’s behind the forbidden door.

We’re not completely happy, but not uncomfortable enough to leave.

We have most of what we need to survive, but nothing that we desire that would enable us to truly live.

So we stick to the familiar rooms with our cohabitants.

And then one day, something happens.

Someone decides to approach one of the forbidden doors.

“Don’t do it!” we all cry. “Something bad will happen to you, or worse still, you’ll ruin it for everyone else.”

But the bold few pluck up the courage, turn the knob and with a combination of fear and anticipation, slowly open the door.

They are amazed and surprised.

All sorts of wonderful treasures are there.

“Come look, it’s incredible!” they exclaim with astonishment.

But we don’t look.

We refuse to believe that the risk was worth it as it means that we too must overcome our fears and approach the forbidden door.

So they shrug their shoulders and walk through the door into unimaginable experiences, never to return.

After a while we forget that they existed or imagine that something terrible happened to them.  We convince ourselves that the door is forbidden for a very good reason and whatever is behind it must be horrid.

Today, I want to encourage you to go through the forbidden door.

To approach that which you have feared for too long.

To take a risk, to ignore the gnawing, irrational fear of the unknown and take action.

Unimaginable riches are available to those who dare.

Do you dare?

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