As a father of three young children, I’ve seen more than my fair share of finger paintings over the past few years.

Each of my kids is extremely proud of their artistic achievements and they are eager to show off their work.

Their little faces beam and their heads are held high as they describe the monster, castle, dinosaur or family portrait that is contained within their painting.

I hope that they never grow out of the feeling of pride that they get when they have the opportunity to display their unique skills.

I hope that they never stop aspiring to use their creativity to bring colour to the world.

I hope that they never become cynical adults who try to hide their genius or blend in with the crowd.

I hope that they never turn into paint by numbers grown-ups who follow the rules from a manual that someone else wrote, rather than creating their own definition of success.

I don’t mean that I want them to become pretentious individuals who crave attention and annoy others with their self-absorption.

I guess I’ve just seen too many people who don’t do any work that they can be proud of and haven’t since they were children.

They go through the motions and have lost sight of their dreams.

Their work has little or no meaning.

Their get up and go has got up and left.

The possibility of doing anything remarkable with their lives is seemingly long gone.

They dread going to work and skulk into the office every day.

But don’t be disheartened.

It’s not too late to do something that makes you proud.

You can still write that book (or blog), start that business, create that new product, bring your ideas to life, volunteer your time or learn to dance, draw, play the guitar or how to fix a car.

You can still put your fingers in the paint and create something worth sticking on the fridge.

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