Messiah Stradivarius at the Ashmolean Museum

Messiah Stradivarius at the Ashmolean Museum (Photo credit: dumbledad)

The Stradivari family is famous for the extraordinary quality of the string instruments (especially violins) that they manufactured in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Antonio Stradivari was the greatest in this family of talented luthiers (stringed instrument-makers).

A Stradivarius violin is renowned for the beautiful tone that it produces and they are extremely valuable, with only about 650 remaining today.  A violin that was made in 1721, recently sold for $15.8 million an extraordinary sum for a musical instrument.

There is great mystery about the wood and techniques used in a Stradivarius and many have tried to replicate them without success.

All that we know is that they were made by an expert, they are unique, remarkable and centuries later are still a prized possession.

I’m sure that Antonio Stradivari didn’t anticipate that his work would be in such demand generations later.

All he did was hone his craft, experiment with new ideas to create the perfect tone and make the best instruments that he could.

And now every violin is measured against a Stradivarius.

What about your field?

Who is the best?

Who has a reputation for excellence that everyone else can only aspire to?

What would it take for that person to be you?

What difference would it make to your business or reputation if everyone else was measured against your skills and abilities?

There are a lot of people who make violins, but there’s only one Stradivari.

There are a lot of people who work in your industry, but only one can be the very best.

Don’t aim for garden variety, tastes like chicken, ordinary work.

Hone your craft, experiment with your technique and aspire to be world class.

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