There’s an old saying that, “you can’t be too careful.”

But I’m not entirely sure that this is always true.

You can be too careful.

You can try to hold on to what you feel comfortable with and resist change.

You can live a life that avoids taking the risks and making the mistakes that are required to learn, grow and maximise your potential.

You can hide in the background, not exposing your amazing talents or innovative ideas to scrutiny.

You can try to find a job in a secure, safe industry, only to have the rug pulled out from under you when you least expect, leaving you unprepared for the future.

You can put up walls around your heart, protecting you from possible pain, but also limiting the opportunity to love and be loved.

You can keep your feet on solid ground at the expense of trying to fly.

You can rationalise and come up with a long list of reasons to live carefully, rather than launch yourself into the unknown and live the life you were made for.

It’s tempting to live carefully, as sometimes the risk of potential pain seems too great to cope with.

However, this is what I’ve learned from life.

Pain is inevitable.

Whether you live carefully or take reasonable risks, you will experience problems in life.

But just as the cow tries to avoid the storm and the buffalo runs towards it, those who are bold enough to live a life of adventure spend less time stuck in the mire of life and more in the sunshine.

Take a risk today.

Try something new today.

Do what you know you must today.

Because life is short and you can be too careful!

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