Every day you have a multitude of choices to make.

Are you going to be enthusiastic, or just mail it in?

Are you going to be optimistic, or pessimistic?

Are you going to smile, or scowl?

Are you going to be grateful, or find things to complain about?

Are you going to look life and its assorted challenges in the eye, or cower in fear?

Are you going to influence the world, or be influenced by it?

Are you going to take risks, or have another safe, insignificant day?

Are you going to be open to learning and growing, or will you be a hamster on a wheel?

Are you going to find ways to give, or to take?

Are you going to take action towards your goals, or just float along aimlessly?

Are you going to invest into your relationships with your partner, kids and friends, or are you going to withdraw?

Here’s the thing with these choices.

If you continue to make the wrong choices, they become habits.  They become a part of you and you feel trapped by them.  It’s as if you don’t have a choice anymore.

But you do.

You can start again.

You can make the right choices.

And these right choices become habits too.  They become a part of you and you start to make them more instinctively.

You make the choice.

Your choices lead to outcomes.

And you are responsible for where you end up.

Because we are all the sum of our choices.

So, if you want a better life, make better decisions and create a better future.

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