FedEx delivers overnight and they guarantee it.

And in a society that expects instant results, we often expect that our dreams will be fulfilled just as quickly and if they aren’t we are tempted to think that it wasn’t meant to be and just give up.

But it doesn’t work like that.

If your dreams and goals are big enough to matter, they will take time and effort.

And that effort will need to be repeated.

Again and again.

Over many years.

With a lot of mistakes, set-backs and reasons to quit along the way.

But don’t fall for it.

Hang in there, stay focused on your dreams and never give up.

Because along the road you’ll meet a lot of people who have given up.

They were expecting maximum results from minimal effort and it all got too hard.

And some of them of them will tell you that it’s unrealistic to keep going, and that achieving your dreams is reserved for the lucky or the elite few.

Don’t fall for it.

Your dreams don’t arrive by FedEx, but they do arrive for those who are willing to persist, develop and consistently work towards achieving remarkable deeds and fulfilling your potential.

So hang in there.

It will be worth it in the end.

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