Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who felt as though they were stuck in dead-end jobs.

They may have been in the job for a year, five years, ten years or even more.

Some were in their early 20’s or late 50’s.

They all dreaded going to work, they hated Monday mornings and each wanted nothing more than to leave, but they don’t know how to escape.

It may be that they didn’t really know what they wanted to do next.

Or perhaps they needed to undergo more training or increase their skills before leaving, but struggled to make the time.

In many cases, it turns out that the fear of an unknown future is greater than their dislike of their current situation, giving them little motivation for taking action and generating such inadequate excuses for staying such as:

  • “It’s not that bad, I guess I can put up with it.”
  • “I’ll never find a job with the same conditions, ie salary, distance from home, hours of operation etc.”
  • “In the current economy, I should just be grateful to have a job.”

Whatever the case may be, what’s the best way to escape such circumstances?

Do you just keep going to work until you can’t take any more and resign on a whim or in a rage?

Do you shrug your shoulders, assume that work is meant to suck and just keep dragging yourself into the office every day?

My suggestion is simple, yet very effective.

Write your resignation letter today and post date it six months in the future.

Make it polite and make it clear.

Print it out and sign it, ready to be given in half a year.

This gives you a compelling deadline for getting yourself organised, enabling you to:

  • Get your resume up-to-date.
  • Find out what you would rather be doing.
  • Consult with trusted mentors or coaches for advice.
  • Plan your exit strategy.
  • Apply for jobs.
  • Land the job that you really want and deserve.

There doesn’t have to be such a thing as a dead-end job and life’s too short to waste it in a white collar prison.

You do have a choice.

So give yourself a deadline, take action on your plan and find a job that you can flourish in.

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