It’s possible to buy insurance for almost anything these days.

Insurance salesmen are peddling life insurance, house and contents insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, health insurance and travel insurance.

Such insurance is meant to protect us from the unforeseen circumstances that occasionally happen in life.

So what do I mean by career insurance?

I’m not talking about income protection insurance in case you get injured at work (although I’m told that’s a good idea).

I’m talking about ensuring that your career is safe in the years ahead.  Protecting you from the unknown future that will be impacted by inevitable and inexorable change, technological advances, global competition and other unforeseen pressures.

Is there really such a thing?

Can you really buy insurance that protects you from massive change and from the possibility that your job (or even industry) may not even exist in the future?

I suspect that you can.

It’s found in bookstores.

It’s found on Amazon.

It’s found in your local college or university.

It’s found in seminars and night courses.

If you want insurance against becoming irrelevant and unemployable in the coming decades, years or even months, make sure that you never stop reading, learning and developing your mind.

And there’s no small print or hidden clauses, just discipline and commitment.

If only health insurance was so cheap and accessible!

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