I’ve written about a lot of inspiring people on this blog.

Most of them are high profile success stories who have achieved remarkable, famous accomplishments that we have all heard of and applauded.

However, I have also come across a lot of other inspiring people.

They are friends, contacts or clients who are largely anonymous, but still have an impact through their passion and actions.

They include the mate who lost 20 kilos through a disciplined exercise regime that has re-energised his life.

Or the friend who started his small business with little more than an idea and a bucket of sweat who is now producing amazing work and providing for his family.

Or the client who moved to this country from a terrible situation and has overcome incredible odds and language barriers to create a better future and make a terrific contribution to Australia.

Each of these examples (and many others) have unintentionally inspired me in very different ways and they remind me that I too have a chance to inspire others through my actions.

So I ask myself the question, who am I inspiring?

I have multiple opportunities, through my business, my speaking, my parenting, my coaching of junior sports teams and through this blog.

Am I doing something with these opportunities?

That’s certainly my aim and I hope that one day I can look back on my life and be able to say with honesty that I’ve inspired others to make their lives better.

This is what I’ve learned as I try.

I can’t control whether or not people are inspired by my deeds, but I can control whether or not I do something that has the potential to lift others to new heights.

And now to you.

Are you living a life that inspires others?

Do people use your example to reach for their dreams?

Do they see you as someone to follow?

Do they shake their head in amazement at your deeds and then do something amazing themselves?

Who are you inspiring?

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