Every morning, you can ask one of two questions, “I wonder what today will bring?” or “What do I choose to bring to my day?”

The first question is fatalistic and allows life to happen to you.

The second gives you the opportunity to find ways to positively impact and influence your situation.

So, when you go to work, you can either ask, “I wonder what will be in store today?” or “How will I use my unique skills to add significant value today?”

When you meet with a client, you can either ask, “I wonder if they will be easy to deal with?” or “How can I make a positive contribution to their situation?”

When you come home, you can ask, “I wonder what sort of mood my partner or kids will be in?” or “What can I do to make my home a better place for everyone?”

In everything that you do, you have a critical choice.

You can sit back and wait until something happens or you can make something happen.

The choice is up to you.

Which attitude do you bring to life?

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