In the 2013 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected Jessie “Tha Monstar” Williams with the 137th pick.

The 191cm, 147kg Williams is a nose tackle from the University of Alabama who also has the distinction of being the first Indigenous Australian to be drafted into the NFL.

In the moment that his name was called, his dreams came true.

He was an instant millionaire and is joining the big show for an already successful team.

So, what did he do next?

Upon being drafted, Williams immediately tweeted a photo titled, “Post draft Celebrations.”

It was a photo of a gym.

Williams knows what most successful people know.

After your dreams come true, the real work begins.

After your dreams come true, new horizons appear.

After your dreams come true, you’ve only just begun.

For some people, when their dreams come true, they sit back, relax and think that they’re done.

Some people dream of retiring early and can’t wait to get there so that they can stop.

Don’t fall for it.

Have even bolder goals,  dream grand dreams and work hard to get there.

And when you do?

Celebrate for a moment and then get back to work on the next one.

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