In an ideal world, there are perfect conditions for success.

Every call you make gets through to the right decision maker and they say “yes” to your idea.

Every day you feel energised and enthused.

You are always better than your competition (in every way).

Your new products and services are always embraced by your customers.

You only need to put in minimal effort for maximum results.

Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world and there are no perfect conditions for success.

There is no easy road.

Just hard work, persistence and sheer bloody-mindedness.

Just optimism during the difficult times.

Just taking action that moves you closer to your goals, day after day after day.

Successful people don’t wait for the perfect conditions, they stay focused and persist in the face of less than ideal circumstances.

They don’t achieve greatness because of their optimal surroundings, they achieve it in spite of all of the challenges that they face.

So stop waiting for the perfect conditions and get to work.

Because you don’t need the right environment, just the right attitude.

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