It’s better to know where the local bookstore is than not have a clue where it is.

It’s even better to go in and browse.

To improve on that you could buy a book.

Better still, you could take the book off your bookshelf when you get home.

Even better, you could read the first chapter.

Then you could finish reading the entire book.

To take it to the next level, you could take notes in the margins and highlight your favourite quotes.

Or perhaps even apply the principles that you’ve learned from what you’ve read.

Better than that, you could pass on the information that you’ve learned to others.

Some people keep going and decide to write books of their own.

But there’s one more stage in the literary progression.

Some people, the rare, amazing, extraordinary ones, live a life that’s worthy of being written about.

Aim for that.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can replace the bookstore with Amazon in the first couple of stages, I know I do.

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