When a painter displays a new piece, they risk being rejected.

When a singer/songwriter first performs a new song, they risk no one liking it.

When a writer submits a new manuscript, they risk being mocked.

When any artist puts their work on display, they put their reputation on the line again and become completely vulnerable.

They may seem to have a lot of confidence in their abilities, but they are still scanning their audience for a positive reception and checking the reviews for feedback that endorses their craft.

And so the artist has a choice.

Do they become vulnerable and risk rejection, or do they give up and try to be like everyone else?

You too have a choice.

You can create art with your work.

You can do something meaningful, passionate and truly creative.

You can invest energy and devotion into your daily activities.

And you can be completely vulnerable whilst doing it.

Or you can colour by numbers.

You can do things the same as everyone else and meet everyone else’s expectations.

You can surprise no one and you can keep your dreams to yourself.

You can risk nothing and achieve nothing.

Vulnerability or anonymity.

We have enough of the latter, we need more of the former.

Will you take the risks necessary to bring your art to the world?

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