In the immortal song by the Eagles comes this description of Hotel California, “You can check out, but you can never leave.”

I’ve met a lot of people who seem to work in situations like this.

Emotionally, they’ve checked out, probably a long time ago.

But every Monday morning, with a deep sigh, they meander into the office for another week of soul-sapping work.

And they feel that there’s no way out, no escape.

They need a job and they can’t imagine working anywhere else with the economy the way it is.

So they hate their job, they complain and assume that finding an alternative is just too hard.

What a crock!

You do have a choice.

You always have a choice.

If you hate your job and you’ve emotionally checked out, do something.

I’m not suggesting that you storm in to your boss tomorrow with a withering letter of resignation.

But start planning your exit now.

Get your resume organised, apply for jobs or if you need to, enrol for a course.

Alternatively, you can find something that you do enjoy in your job.  I recently heard my Senior Minister, Mark Conner say, “Do you need a new job or a new perspective on your current job?”

It’s a great point and a new perspective can certainly make a difference in your level of job satisfaction.

So, are you working at Hotel California?

If so, what are you going to do about it?

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