When I started this blog over three years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

I had the idea for a blog a few months earlier, but with little technical knowledge and not a lot of confidence in my writing ability, I hadn’t really explored the concept.

As time went on, I was conscious that I was wasting my evenings and wanted to use my time (after the kids went to bed) more productively rather than just playing games or watching TV.  This growing unease eventually led me to take action.

I knew a few bloggers and they had been encouraging, so one Friday night, I sat down in our home office and looked into WordPress.  Before too long, I had started and the initial “Welcome to my Blog” post was up.

I couldn’t believe it!

When I first started, I thought that perhaps I had just a few ideas for posts and would run out after about 60 articles.  However, the ideas continued to flow and I soon got into a writing rhythm.  I have posted every week night (Australian time) ever since, including public holidays.

This is the 800th post on this blog and I occasionally get asked how I am able to come up with so many ideas for posts.

Amongst other things:

  • I read on my kindle every day without exception, either on the treadmill or before I go to sleep at night.
  • I use evernotes to jot down ideas and quotes that I can use.
  • I often read blogs written by people much smarter and more successful than I am.
  • I look for ideas everywhere and write my posts in advance whenever possible.
  • I use the WordPress app on my phone to write when I’m stuck without a computer.  This has enabled me to post even when I was in hospital last year.

However, even considering all of the above, the primary reason that I am able to write so prolifically is that I’m sharing what I’m learning myself.

I’m conscious that I haven’t achieved anything particularly remarkable yet.

I’m not a millionaire entrepreneur, a published author, a prominent speaker or a world-class athlete.

I don’t write from a position of great authority, I write as a fellow traveller.

I don’t write because I’ve got it all together, I write because I’ve got so much yet to learn.

When I write about the need for hard work, I am writing to myself.

When I write about the need for ambitious goals, I am writing to myself.

When I write about overcoming challenges, I am writing to myself.

When I write about changing the world, I am writing to myself.

I’m not the best dad, husband, coach, blogger or christian, but I’m working on it and with God’s grace, I’ll get closer.

And so, I’ll keep learning and continue writing.

Thanks for being with me so far and I eagerly anticipate the future.

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