Sometimes, I hate you keyboard.

You just sit there and taunt me.

You look at me, daring me to write something.

You know that I have nothing but a few random, unallocated thoughts and you laugh at my indecision.

I stomp around you, sighing as I go, refusing to sit.

I stare at you.

Sometimes, perhaps even swear at you.

But you don’t respond, you just sit there and taunt me.

Eventually, I put aside my indecision and stop procrastinating.

I get to work.

I write a few words and then delete them ferociously.

I start again, even more frustrated than before.

Then the mind finally coordinates with the fingers and something flows.

The keyboard is no longer my enemy, but is now my work colleague and friend.

My stumbling block has become my tool.

The ideas begin to become words, then sentences, then entire paragraphs.

Just because I sat down to work.

Something marvellous happens when we sit down and get industrious.

The things that frustrated us suddenly conspire for us to achieve what we know we must.

And we realise (again) that it’s not the keyboard that’s the enemy, but our mindset of indecision and procrastination.

Bless you, keyboard.

I’ll see you again tomorrow for our regular dance.

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