Before the most recent NFL season had started, Marshal Yanda of the Baltimore Ravens implored his team-mates to “embrace the grind.”

He was reminding them that although the life of a professional football player seems glamourous, it takes hard work, pints of sweat and unyielding discipline to be successful.

Every gym session matters.

Every seemingly mundane training drill matters.

Every tactical discussion matters.

Yanda made a similar rallying cry in this year’s Super Bowl as he encouraged them to do the grunt work required to win the big game.

Because on that day, every gym session, training drill and tactical discussion made a difference in getting the Ravens across the line.

Embrace the grind.

Most people want to achieve remarkable deeds and make the most of their lives.

But if we’re not willing to do the grunt work, it just won’t happen.

We need to put our head down, focus hard, do more than the competition, work on the fundamentals of our craft and find ways to continue to improve our performance.

And we need to smile while we do it and bring passion to the seemingly mundane.

We need to embrace the grind and encourage those around us to do the same.

Because there are massive rewards for those who do.

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