Some people live their life as though they’re doing the hokey pokey.

They put their left foot in,

They put their left foot out,

They put their left foot in and they shake it all about.

They don’t make a decision, they don’t take risks and they spend their lives sitting on the fence wishing that they had the courage of the successful people that they know.

One of my favourite stories in the bible is the time when Jesus came to His disciples by walking on water.

When Peter saw Him, he wanted to try it too, so Jesus invited him to walk towards him.

A few years ago, when Karen and I were in the midst of making a decision that would change our lives significantly, a very wise man took us by the hands and explained that Peter couldn’t walk on the water until he got both feet out of the boat.

We knew in that moment what we had to do.

We were scared and hesitant, but we put both feet in and that decision has taken us on a terrific adventure that is far from finished.

You can’t be half-hearted and maximise your potential.

You can’t do the hokey pokey and change the world.

You can’t keep one foot in the boat and say that you trust God with your future.

So put both feet in and start walking!

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